Project Planning

Project planning services include the technical planning, financial planning, project execution and funding processes.

Establish Delivery strategies and execution alternatives. Project structuring, possible business models and sources of financing

Project Development Management

InfraOne is specialized in the infrastructure project management during the project development phase, including project identification, project plan, selection of appropriate partners, financing mechanism and project financiers, proposal strategy identification and stakeholders as well as client management

Funding & Contract Management

Our policy is to select the financed projects under EPC+F using the ECAs such as UKEF and EDC .

Our Policy is to select projects with low financing risk on contractors and project managers. (EPC+F or secured PPP).

We are open to other models of financing based on each country and project case.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Provides the service of PMO with its partners, Supervising and leading the program to oversee the impacts and interdependencies between programs including financial closure process and working to ensure initiatives meet the goals and objectives of the client.

Conducting Market Studies

InfraOne provides when requested by the client the service of conducting market study specifically demand and pricing studies as well as market prices comparisons and bench marketing.


InfraOne provides in turn key projects with alliances EPC management service to control cost, limit risk and add value, to play a creative role in realizing client’s needs.

Conducting Economic and Financial Feasibility Study and Financial Model

InfraOne provides the client, the service of conducting the project economic and financial feasibility, infrastructure project demand studies as well as financial modeling, including the financial figures, capital expenditure, revenues, costs and financial indicators.

The economic feasibility can also be provided includes the project employment opportunity, foreign currency income and saving…etc.

Governance, Public Policy and Public Financing Advisory

InfraOne provides a special service to the Governments in the area of regulatory, public policy and government financial advisory services in infrastructure project structuring and financing.

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