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Development Management

Based on the national policy, vision and the wider objective of a two-tier (local and regional) spatial development plan, we support our clients to achieve a greater focus on sustainable and higher quality development and greater community benefit.


We provide development management through all stages of a project, from inception to operation, including design, promotion, engagement, fundraising, negotiation, decision-making, coordination and implementation.


Development Management Services

  • Project Sourcing & Identification
  • Government Approaching & Policy Discussions and Understandings
  • Project Commitment
  • Consortium Formation to execute projects
  • Proposal Development
  • Financial Closure

Economic & Financial Advisory Services

Our team has a long experience in carrying out infrastructure planning services that include the study and analysis of the demand for different magnitudes of projects, whether on macro or micro level, taking into consideration the impact of the project on the short and long run, the specific outcomes of the project and how this would affect the economy and society in the broader sense.


Economic Advisory Services

  • Market Research and Sectoral Studies
  • Demand Analysis
  • Revenue and Cost Estimation
  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Advice on Appropriate Business Model


Financial Advisory Services

  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Advice on Appropriate Fund Mechanism and Financial Structure
  • Client support in Project Marketing and Investment Promotion
  • Funding Negotiation with Financial Institutions and Investors
  • Financial Closure

Corporate Finance & Investment Advisory Services

Through strategic alliance with independent, international Corporate Finance and M&A Advisory firms, we are able to extend our advisory services to include corporate finance, focused on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).  We advise our clients on various M&A transactions, in addition we offer matchmaking service, where we associate foreign investors with domestic investors for both, public or private sector firms.


Mergers & Acquisitions Services

  • Advice for Clients Seeking to Determine their Deliberate Strategic Options with regards to Finance, Partnerships and Alliances or Asset Disposals.
  • Sales of Private and Public Companies
  • Acquisitions of Private or Public Companies
  • Mergers and Joint Ventures
  • Matchmaking for an Established Business that Seeks Expansion