Clients & Partners

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Governments and Policy Makers

We fully understand the needs of governments concerning economic and social development and how vital infrastructure projects are for the advancement of any country and for the achievement of positive and sustainable GDP growth rates. Therefore we help governments to identify infrastructure priorities and address the substantial opportunities that exist in the different sectors. Furthermore, we support in carrying out these infrastructure development projects throughout the different phases, including planning, selecting funding alternatives, fundraising, executing, as well as the operation and maintenance.

Our Team Helps Governments To:

  • Make informed decisions about what to build and invest in
  • Secure the needed funds for projects
  • Select the most ideal fund mechanism and financial structure for the project
  • Adopt the appropriate business model for their projects
  • Form the needed consortiums to carry out their projects
  • Support during the Execution, Operation and Maintenance phases of the projects
  • Build and maintain a successful relationship between the Government and Private Sector
  • Formulate various policies and reforms

Corporate Firms

We believe in the essentiality of the private sector’s role to close infrastructure gaps, improve services, enhance access to opportunity, and boost human development. Thus, we frequently work in partnership with regional and global EPC firms, technology providers and contractors who have extensive experience to support the design, implementation, operation and financing of large and complex infrastructure projects.


We also work with corporate firms and offer them our wide range of services in a multitude of domains, including project finance, mergers and acquisitions and industrial development.

Financial Institutions, Export Credit Agencies, and Global Investors

InfraOne aims at reducing the infrastructure-financing gap in the developing world. That is why we work with financial institutions and funds to deliver appropriate technologies, services, solutions and infrastructure that accommodate the needs of each client.


We have access to a wide network of national and international funding sources, such as investment mutual funds, trust funds, infrastructure funds, international banks, Export Credit Agencies (ECA) and International Financial Institutions (IFIs), serving different project financing structures and models like BOT, PPP, BOO, Loans, EPC+F or structured project finance.